Meet the Experts: Dr. Jeshana Johnson, PHD

Meet the Experts: Dr. Jeshana Johnson, PHD

By selfmade

May 20, 2022

For Mental Health Awareness month, we caught up with Dr. Jeshana Johnson, one of our Mental Health advisors (and obviously, experts) for a quick Q&A. Read below for Dr. Jeshana's thoughts on rest, her own rituals, and why hydrangeas are her flower of choice. 🌸

What is your role at selfmade and/or area of expertise?

I'm a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in intimacy and sex therapy. I serve as a Mental Health expert and consultant for selfmade. I truly enjoy discussing psychological concepts and seeing how they come to life through the selfmade product line.

What is a habit or ritual that you practice to implement self-care into your daily life?

I start my day with intentions, such as "I will not rush today". I do deep breathing in the morning and before bed.

I am intentional about taking breaks throughout the day and living a sensual life (through my five senses) — i.e. enjoying my food without distractions (TV, phone, etc.).

What is your favorite flower or plant, and why?

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. They resemble cheerleading pom poms and different colors represent different emotions. Pink hydrangeas represent heartfelt emotion.

When I purchase them and put them in my kitchen, I'm reminded to "cheer myself on" (pom pom).

How would you describe therapy to someone who’s never experienced it before?

Therapy is like an emotional massage — getting all the emotional knots out. Sometimes it feels good, and other times it can feel deep and painful but necessary. It includes looking at the truth, which ultimately makes us self-confront and change. Depending on the client's goals, it can also include doing bottom up or top down treatment.

Bottom up treatment can look like helping clients cope with their raw emotions and defense reactions through EMDR, Yoga, etc. Top down treamant is more like helping clients think differently.

Both are necessary as they have limitations when used alone.

What does rest look like to you?

Rest is allowing our minds and bodies to recover (it's in parasympathetic mode). Rest is not to be confused with sleep. Sleep can be restful but for me, sleep is sleep and rest is rest. It looks different to everyone. For me, rest is restorative yoga, reading a novel, binge watching a show, getting a massage.

What does healing look like to you?

Healing is correcting the past. It's taking the best care of yourself without guilt and knowing you deserve to. Healing is exercising boundaries in relationships. It's ongoing. It's becoming the person you want to be. It's being whole.