What Happened to the CommonRoom?

What Happened to the CommonRoom?

By selfmade

April 22, 2022

If you’ve been around since the very beginning days of selfmade, you may remember a little corner of the internet we called The CommonRoom. We’re sharing this update in case you wonder where that has gone (spoiler alert - it’ll be back a bit later, better than ever, and with a new name and personality, because EVERYONE loves a glow up).

Real quick though, here’s a refresher. Because selfmade is about so much more than oils and serums for your face and body, out of the gates, we paired our personal care products with education around the mental health concepts they’re named after. This came in the form CommonRoom “chapters��� (on Attachment Styles, Resilience, and Intimacy - odes to our three hero products), which were developed with our mental health advisors. The CommonRoom was a progressive web app, where members of our Beta community could walk through 21-days of content (think journal prompts, meditations, movement activities) in each chapter, encouraging self-exploration and an expansion of emotional vocabulary.

We put the CommonRoom out into the world as a teeny-tiny brand to see what you all thought, and we HEARD what you loved and what you didn’t, what you wanted more of and what you could have done without. So now what?

Building a company is kind of like building a house. Although the beginning stages (pouring the foundation, framing the walls, mapping out plumbing) are like WAY!! SO!! VERY!! important, even after those parts are done, what you are left with neither looks like an actual house nor feels like a habitable home.That’s kind of where we are with the CommonRoom. So much big stuff has been set in place, and now it’s time to make it look and feel like a place where our friends & community will want to spend some seriously amazing time.

During our early Beta testing, we got to hear what nearly 400 of you thought of and wanted from the experience. We took that all into account, regrouped on strategy and goals, AND even got the opportunity to work with one of the foremost digital design studios in the world (little ole’ us!) to roadmap the next phase of the (soon to be renamed) CommonRoom. There’s so much exciting stuff ahead here, we can hardly contain ourselves

So for those of you who helped us build the foundation and figure out some of our plumbing issues -- THANK YOU! We can’t wait to invite you back to our home, which will one day (soon, but not super soon) be a place full of beauty, comfort, shelter, delish snacks, deep chats, and warm hugs.

Stay tuned.