Barrier Therapy

Add relief to dry, dehydrated skin with Barrier Therapy for triple-layer occlusive goodness. A protective, head to toe, ritual to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and build a cocoon of safety around your skin and mind.

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What's Inside?

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secure attachment
comfort serum+

101 reviews

2-in-1 hydrating serum + primer for moisture barrier repair and other signs of skin stress. A match made in heaven for dry, stressed out skin.

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corrective experience
comfort cream

22 reviews

For the face and body, this skin softening and moisture barrier protection cream decreases stress levels in itchy, rough skin and banishes dehydration. Challenge the everyday cycle of stressed, reactive skin for a healthier, hydrated response.

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self disclosure
intimacy serum

29 reviews

An intimacy serum made to ease discomfort and support frictionless self exploration. Meet your no shame permission slip for personal pleasure.

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