The Reset Ritual

Our hero products all in one. Use together or separately to take a moment for reflection or connection with self. A productive, grounding ritual from head-to-toe.

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What's Inside?

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  • secure-attachment
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meet our ultimate reset ritual —


secure attachment
comfort serum+

101 reviews

2-in-1 hydrating serum + primer for moisture barrier repair and other signs of skin stress. A match made in heaven for dry, stressed out skin.

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true grit
resilience scrub

40 reviews

An everyday, gentle chemical exfoliator for a balanced scalp and body. Infused with anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce dead cell build-up, eliminate ingrowns, and promote healthy hair growth.

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self disclosure
intimacy serum

29 reviews

An intimacy serum made to ease discomfort and support frictionless self exploration. Meet your no shame permission slip for personal pleasure.

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