Embracing the Gardens of You: A Recipe for Self-Love and Laughter

Here are the things I’ve figured out. One: hydration will do more for you than anything else. Two: realizing things in hindsight is like being smacked square in the nose with a wrecking ball. Three: if you forget how to have fun, you’re barely alive at all. Four: there is usually at least some merit to a dumb idea.
Here’s one of mine. An art project, a way to fill an hour. A doorway to a laugh. A ‘boob-quet.’ A bouquet of breasts. Shocking, I know. Bizarre, I’m aware. You want to try it, don’t you?
You’ll need paint (make sure it’s skin-friendly and non-toxic), paper or canvas, and a paint brush (make sure it’s soft).
Here’s a recipe for self-love and laughter.
Step One: Brew a cup of tea. Use a pretty cup, something that makes you feel like a character in a Victorian novel. Sip it like you’rea VIP guest attending a garden party (this is important to set the mood).
Step Two: Gather your paint, in colors that make you smile. Emerald green or gold, hotpink or sunshine yellow—as long as you love it.
Step Three: Put on music you can sing to and grab a mirror and your supplies.
Step Four: Whip off your shirt, do a shimmy, and pick a color. Paint your nipples and remember that you’re fabulous, press the paper to them and make yourself into flowers or stars or constellations. Repeat and rinse.
Step Five: Paint stems or galaxies or smiles around the impressions you created. Hang it up on the wall, and remember that you are art, that you are a magnificent, glorious thing. And now, you have a painting to prove it.