• Corrective Experience® Comfort Cream
  • selfmade Corrective Experience Comfort Cream
  • selfmade Corrective Experience Comfort Cream
  • selfmade Corrective Experience Comfort Cream
  • selfmade Corrective Experience Comfort Cream
  • Corrective Experience® Comfort Cream
  • Corrective Experience® Comfort Cream
  • Corrective Experience® Comfort Cream

Corrective Experience® Comfort Cream

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Face and body barrier cream
  • Fast response flare up control and a cooling hug for sweet relief
  • Tender, love and care for rough, itchy, dry discomfort
  • Healthy boundaries in all-over, breathable protection


  • 6.65 fl oz./ 197 ml
  • SEE / Natural, smoothed glow
  • SMELL /  Clean, crisp, botanical aloe
  • TOUCH / Jelly balm, with cocooning touch.


2 actives in 1 core. Long lasting release of these powerful smoothing ingredients to slow skin’s aging. Teeny tiny 0.5 micron-sized particles allow for deeper penetration to target skin stress: fine lines and dehydration.


Stimulates binding peptides and proteins to regenerate barrier structure by counteracting effect of cortisol damage. Regulates water loss.*


Creates a gel-matrix structure that hugs the skin’s barrier in a ‘barely there film’. Helps to absorb and retain large amounts of hydration. Bonus points for skin energizing vitamins and minerals. 


Smooth operator for cracked, flakey and bumpy skin - bye bye! Skin softening, silky smooth. This heavy hitter ingredient wraps the body in a comforting cocoon. Lightweight, greaseless and non-sticky. 

softening + barrier protection

Designed to decrease stress levels in itchy, rough skin and prevent dehydration. Challenge the everyday cycle of stressed, reactive skin for a healthier, hydrated response.


🏆 Best Moisturizer, NBC Wellness Awards

Winner of NBC Select Wellness Awards and a staff favorite

- NBC Select Wellness

Immediate tingling effect for an invigorating skin experience

- TODAY Show

Lauded for its innovative 'slugging' capability

- Real Simple


Use daily for dry skin and flare ups management on face and body. Remember a little bit goes a long way! For external use only.

For Body

For your body, apply as needed daily for dry and eczema prone. Our favorite is after showering for ultra soft skin. As you give yourself time for the formula to activate, ask yourself the question: “how would it feel to give myself permission to let go.” Store in a cool place. 

For Face

Use after your favorite serum and before your last step of SPF. Corrective Experience can also be layered under Self Disclosure Intimacy Serum to lock in hydration overnight. 

  • In addition to external stressors like pollution and UV rays, our past and present experiences can also activate our internal stress centers.
  • These stressful events can trigger redness, irritation, texture, sensitivity and a weakened moisture barrier. Especially for those who experience eczema and keratosis pilaris.
  • Our comfort cream promotes awareness that past negative experiences and emotional states can carry throughout your life as a negative reactive pattern.
  • Without challenging those past feelings, means that unmanaged stress can flare up today and elicit a negative reaction.
  • Knowing that you have an opportunity for a corrective experience in these moments of stress means having choice in how you respond (vs. react!)
  • Reframing negative for positive experiences will ultimately lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and provide for healthy skin. Lower cortisol means less skin inflammation and healthier moisture barrier.

Experiences that lead you to challenge old, limiting narratives and adopt new perspectives. A belief-shattering opportunity to reframe how you see and understand worth.

Skin that is affected by internal and external elements. The common signs of stressed skin are dryness, dullness, irritation, premature aging (fine lines & wrinkles), texture and blemishes and increased sensitivity (skin feels raw, burns easily from low barrier function).

Cortisol is our primary stress hormone. Cortisol also curbs functions that would be nonessential or harmful in a fight-or-flight situation.

Corrective Experience was designed for those with sensitive skin in mind. That said, those with sensitive skin are encouraged to speak to their dermatologist before use.

For face, use after your favorite serum and before your last step of SPF. For the body, apply as needed daily for dry skin and eczema management. It’s also pretty bomb after you step out of the shower to lock in all that moisture.

Corrective Experiences Comfort Cream can also be layered under Self Disclosure Intimacy Serum for extra hydration, especially at night.

Our toxicologist recommends that Corrective Experience is safe to use after the first trimester because of the lavender and rosemary essential oils.

Our superstar ingredient is derived from the Helichrysum italicum flower, Anti-Fragility Bond Rebuilder™ is clinically proven to reduce cortisol levels and reinforce the skin’s barrier. Through promoting the release of beta-endorphins to self-soothe and counterbalance the cortisol (tested in saliva). Cortisol is a stress molecule stimulating hyaluronidase, reducing the synthesis of GAG and adhesion proteins. Cortinhib G (TM) inhibits all this damage by cortisol as a "stress reliever".

Having a secure attachment style means that you possess the feeling of safety to stumble through and keep trying to achieve a corrective experience. Challenging past experiences, feelings, and meaning and replacing them with positive, healthy responses is difficult. Knowing that even if you don’t get there on the first try, or even the seventh try, having trust in yourself is essential to allow you to keep on trying no matter what.

Having a secure attachment with self is foundational to creating the corrective experiences necessary to heal. Not only emotionally and mentally but physically by allowing for skill building in emotional regulation.

Sisters of the same family, both formulas provide that immediate sense of hydration on skin. A burst of water, without a sticky or greasy after-feel, and work to add and keep hydration in the skin.

Secure Attachment is lighter serum with a water burst experience, a texture innovation that allows the hydration to break onto skin for deeper penetration. The nature of this technology lends itself to layer well under moisturizers, suncare and makeup.

While Corrective Experiences is plusher and denser. Upon application, the comfort cream transforms into a hydrogel-like effect that imparts a beautiful cocoon of moisture to protect and smooth skin. The occlusive nature of this product helps to nurture skin and promote healing. 

Occlusive moisturizing agents create a barrier to prevent moisture loss, protect from further stressors, and form a protective layer on the surface of your skin to improve the skin’s ability to heal. Kind of like a bandage.

Corrective Experience isn’t meant to replace Secure Attachment and can work together to create another method of hydration and seamlessly fit into your favorite care rituals.

Yes, the jar is 100% recyclable once you remove the label and clean out the jar of any leftover product. Disassemble the jar before recycling. Thanks for caring