Playlist: Black Femme Fantastic-a! (For Womxn's History Month)

Click HERE for Jasmine's Womxn's History Month Playlist
When I was asked to curate this playlist in honor of Black Femme artists, I was so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to create this soundscape. I immediately knew that I wanted it to be a musical journey that shows the diverse and abundant talent of Black Womxn across generations. I wanted to journey through classic and new anthems that remind us to embrace and be empowered in our womanhood. Songs that make us feel like we’re the baddest, strongest, most empathic beings on this Earth (because we are).
“Black Femme Fantastic-a” includes a vast array of songs across genres. I made sure to include many of the legends who have broken barriers and kicked down doors — crafting new worlds through their music, and newer artists who are carrying the torch forward as trailblazers today.
There are songs that make you feel introspective, songs that make you feel love, songs that make you feel sexy, songs that make you feel powerful — songs that make me feel proud to be a Black woman and be in company with so much brilliance.
I hope that this playlist reminds you to move, shake, smile, breathe, feel, sing, dance, and LOVE! Not only during March, but all year long! 🤎🎶