Self-love Massage with Dr. Jeshana Avent-Johnson

This brand isn’t anything without...well you — but also our mental health experts. When selfmade was just a big idea in my head, I spoke to more than 20 mental health practitioners to see what they thought about this new approach to completely re-thinking mental health tools and resources. Because honestly, what’s the point of making another skincare product if it doesn’t actually solve a real problem?
Dr. Jeshana Avent-Johnson, Ph.D. is one of our incredible advisors who we work with ~intimately~ guessed it! Intimacy. Everything she believes in (and her speciatly as a professional) lines up perfectly with our ethos of re-envisioning what a “self-made” person really is, and we wouldn't have been able to develop Self Disclosure, our intimacy serum created to encourage self-exploration both inside and out, without her expertise.
I knew I had to have her join selfmade because of who she is, and her commitment to communities of color. Sidenote: she even travels to Ghana to teach mental and sexual wellness in villages! Basically, she’s not your typical PhD’er that sits behind some desk in an ivory tower at some university. Her perspective is shaped by her specific lived experiences as a Black woman, a teen mother raising a daughter, and the so many other complex parts of her humanself.
Dr. Johnson specializes in trauma, sex, couples & relationship therapy, and she uses trauma-informed and culturally meaningful Systems-Based Therapy to help process and metabolize unhealed wounds. Her practice focuses on enhancing emotional, physical, and sexual closeness by increasing our capacity for intimacy and passion. At selfmade, she has helps us connect real psychological concepts to our products to bring the action of authentic self-care and exploration into our daily lives. Not to mention, she casually makes appearances on the Los Angeles radio to speak about intimacy and sexuality in the Black community. Her work is something to be celebrated — so we're celebrating her here by featuring a guided self-love massage, guided by, know who.
Enjoy Dr. Jeshana's soothing, embracing voice as she takes you through this stomach massage meditation. Warm up with Self Disclosure or your favorite body oil. It's truly a treat.