The Power of Psychodermatology

The Power of Psychodermatology

In today's fast-paced world, our skin often bears the brunt of our stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil. Our world is that much more hectic and that’s the new normal. So, why bother with “psycho-derma-wah?” We’ve found this novel medical discipline is the key to soothing your stressed-out skin at the root, backed by the fascinating science of psychodermatology and behavioral science. Let’s get to the nitty gritty and nerd out.

Psychodermatology: The Mind-Skin Jam Session

"Psychodermatology is the intersection between the mind and the largest organ that is the skin," explains Dr. Byron Young. This guy is our mental health expert and a psychiatrist who we’ve worked with before day one to bring this selfmade world together for you. He highlights the profound impact our mental state has on our physical being. "Think about how many psychological diagnoses have some type of physical symptomatology. I had someone the other day who said that when they get anxious, they get hives. That’s how connected they are." When’s the last time you felt anxious and stressed and saw it on your skin or body? It happens more than you think!

The Ectoderm Connection: An Embryological Bond

Dr. Young's insights delve deep into our human origins, where the story of our skin and nervous system begins. "Especially at an embryological level, the mind and the skin have that old connection. So back when you're forming in the embryo, this kind of skin and the nervous system come out of the same layer called the ectoderm. Your evolution as a human starts so early, and that connection starts from the same exact spot." It’s truly mind-blowing to think about of all the systems that are running on all cylinders 24/7 keeping our body protected and moving, the skin and our brain are BFFFFF and ever. This means there’s an intrinsic connection between how our skin looks and feels and the state of our nervous system—essentially our emotional state and perception of safety.

Our Approach: Calming the Nervous System, Soothing the Skin

At selfmade, we take these profound insights and translate them into personal care products that not only treat your skin but also address what may be the underlying emotional triggers. Our Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+ is a prime example – designed to soothe your skin or securely attach your makeup as a primer while exploring a secure attachment style to nurture your emotional wellbeing. True bonding and healthy boundaries are key to creating and maintaining a secure attachment style and this Comfort Serum+ is a barrier repair treatment that is intentionally made to foster a sense of safety in your skin and body and attachment with yourself. The first step to self-awareness is expanding your emotional vocabulary which is why each of our products embody tried and true psychological concepts that speak to our most human behavior.

Transforming Routines into Rituals

We believe in turning the act of skincare into a ritual of self-evolution and healing. Our skincare routines are often the only moments of solitude in our busy lives and these moments can be our opportunity for much-needed mental and emotional processing. That critical me-time is a necessary self-care mechanism that is supercharged when we have tools to explore our skin and bodies with non-judgement and tender self-touch. When you use our products, you're not just applying a serum or cream you get to choose engaging in a therapeutic process that aligns your emotional and physical health. That’s pretty damn powerful!

The Future of Skincare: Integrated Wellness

The journey with selfmade is more than skin deep. It's about embracing a holistic approach to beauty, where the health of your skin is inextricably linked to the health of your mind. We're pioneering a path where skincare is a form of self-care rooted in real science for real skin, addressing both physical and emotional needs. None of that woo-woo stuff! (Okay fine, some of it.)