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Comfort Serum+

Hydrate. De-stress. Prime. Protect.

2-in-1 hydrating serum + primer for moisture barrier repair and other signs of skin stress. A match made in heaven for dry, stressed out skin.

1.7 FL OZ.

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We're listening

what does loving myself
look like in action?

“it feels like giving yourself
a nice, big, warm hug”


“it’s like a little moisture bomb —
and a sweet daily reminder to stop
and consider what really matters”

Betty B. — Verified Buyer

“My skin is so moisturized and way
brighter, and I really feel like I’m taking
care of myself with that glorious smell
and reminder to put myself first”

KELLY S. — Verified Buyer

“The affirmations just from reading the
bottle penetrated my heart instantly.
There’s something so powerful about
intentional self touch.”

REBECCA B. — Verified Buyer

product benefits & features:

  • dermatologist tested

  • mental health expert approved

  • fragrance free

  • silicone & alcohol free

  • 1% cortinhib g™

    1% cortinhib g™

    reduces skin redness, and strengthens protective barrier**

  • hyaluronic acid

    hyaluronic acid

    Hydrates for 24 hours and improves moisture over time*

  • plant squalane

    plant squalane

    Smoothes skin texture* and improves skin elasticity

  • marine algaes

    marine algaes

    Repairs and improves moisture barrier function*

  • texture


    Cooling and dewy, topped with a healthy glow

*32 people ages 18-70 participate in a four week, third party clinical study

** Proven to reduce skin stress by inducing beta - endorphin production and reducing cortisol(tested in saliva)

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how you feel!


Anonymous - Verified Buyer


Amazing product

Leaves my skin feeling plump and glowy. I love it for a natural look as it hydrates my skin wonderfully

samantha - Verified Buyer


amazing on all the levels

I was absolutely influenced to buy this, but in the best way. It is fungal acne safe, so immediately it was a yes for me. It’s hard for me to find hydrating serums that work for me since there aren’t a lot of products fungal acne safe. I’ve tried this serum two ways; before moisturizer as a true serum and also as a primer before makeup application. Both ways are amazing, but as a primer for makeup, OH MY! It was so good, my skin looked so dewy all day it was fantastic. This serum does have a slight natural scent to it, but it is fragrance free. I highly recommend this to anyone and have used this every day since I bought it.

Lauren H. - Verified Buyer


Can’t live without now…

This serum is so comforting and comfortable on my skin, it just drinks it up. It leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I can’t imagine it not being in my routine now. It’s truly a wonderful product.

Steph K.


Literally replaces my moisturizer!

I use one pump of this every day after SPF and before my foundation. It's basically my moisturizer replacement! It's so hydrating and smells like melon, I want to eat it! Lol! I literally want to gift this to every one of my girlfriends I love it that much!

Anonymous - Verified Buyer


Self Care

This serum is so soothing, and makes my skin glow! The scent is so calming too!

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