True Grit
Resilience Scrub

exfoliate. nourish. restore.

An everyday, gentle chemical exfoliator for a balanced scalp and body. Infused with anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce dead cell build-up, eliminate ingrowns, and promote healthy hair growth.

7.0 FL OZ.

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“I love this scrub for its ability to support skin health from toes to top and in between.”


“True Grit allows me to just enjoy the feeling of someone taking care of me. It really puts me into that mindset of “I’m doing this for me.“”

GRETA P. — Verified Buyer

“I love how this scrub is exfoliating, yet not rough on my skin. After use, it feels as though my skin is so much lighter and clearer!”

DIANA H. — Verified Buyer

product benefits & features:

  • dermatologist tested

  • mental health expert approved

  • No Bioaccumulation

  • 65% Post Consumer Recycled Material

  • bamboo powder

    bamboo powder

    removes dead skin cells, oil, and chemical buildup

  • natural fruit aha's

    natural fruit aha's

    improves hair’s overall shine and luster*

  • holy basil

    holy basil

    protects from environmental stressors and reduces itch*

  • vitamin c

    vitamin c

    Brightens & smoothes skin texture*

  • tea tree oil

    tea tree oil

    calms redness, reduces inflammation, and unclogs hair follicles*

*30 people ages 18-70 participate in a four week, third party clinical study

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Steph K.


Smells & feels amazing!

I love this scrub and how it is multipurpose! It is gentle, yet effective at exfoliating not only my skin, but my scalp too.

Anonymous - Verified Buyer


The scrub I've been waiting for!

This is the scrub I've been waiting for! I've tried a lot of body scrubs and this one is literally perfect. I love the smell, the abrasiveness is just right, and it being multiuse is a huge perk (I've actually been using it on my face as well and I'm surprised by how gentle it is on my usually super dry skin). Honestly, everything SelfMade makes is perfect—don't get me started on their Comfort Serum—and I foresee reupping my stash for as long as they're around. Get their entire line, tbh!

Anonymous - Verified Buyer



I love the smell and the feel! The perfect amount of exfoliation to leave me feeling smooth!

Kwyoyo - Verified Buyer


aromatherapy in a bottle

Okay, love the texture and scent. Very calming! I wish it lathered a bit more / spread a bit further, but not a deal breaker at all, great product!

Radhika K. - Verified Buyer


great scalp treatment

We exfoliate everything on our body, but why not the scalp too? I never thought about this, but sometimes dandruff buildup can be due to dry skin. It is important to exfoliate. Now this scrub is part of my weekly shower ritual. I will use this product and then use shampoo.

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