Here to support you on
the inside and out

Beauty is a state of mind, and feeling is awakening all our senses.

As a new area of care, Emotional Wellbeing is the bridge that connects the gap between mental and physical care. Our brand pillars intersect to profoundly change our relationship with beauty forever.


Our Psychodermatology Approach

Our mental state has a direct effect on our skin and body function

The nervous system and skin originate early in our human existence from the same embryonic layer called the ectoderm. This complex relationship sends signals back and forth to continually monitor our bodies and environments.

Psychodermatology interprets data points like dryness, inflammation, acne and sensitivity as early signals of our current emotional state. Knowing that skin is a window into our internal worlds can help us effectively care for our whole selves, beyond just our physical and mental health.


Science of Self Worth

Those who feel worthy are 10xs more likely to see themselves as beautiful.

At selfmade we ask, “how can nurturing our emotional wellbeing improve our skin?” Developed with mental health experts and community members, our products spark self-exploration in the pursuit of emotional intelligence.

Emotional regulation is key to stress management as a preventative approach to skin health. Learning to understand and manage our emotions helps us connect with ourselves and others more deeply.

When we are in a good space, we make better decisions that can increase our feelings of self worth.


Our Products

Our ATTACHMENT, RESILIENCE and INTIMACY product collections nurture areas of human development, rather than the standard “Acne Control”, “Perfecting”, or “Anti-Aging”.  As an important paradigm shift, these three foundational psychological elements have an impact on our ability to show up as the people we want to be in the world.


secure attachment

Area: Face + Body

Concern: Dryness + Inflammation

Physical Benefit: Moisture Barrier + Hydration

Emotional Benefit: Safety with self creates comfort & ability to nurture


true grit

Area: Scalp + Body

Concern: Rupture + Recovery

Physical Benefit: Nourish + Restore

Emotional Benefit: Friction leads to growth mindset and grounding in self


self disclosure

Area: Erogenous Zones

Concern: Chafing + Discomfort

Physical Benefit: Soothe + Stimulate

Emotional Benefit: Closeness with others, starts with self and vulnerability