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meet the founder

I’m Stephanie, a kid of immigrants, industry veteran, explorer of self and the world, and the founder of selfmade.

While working at the epicenter of the beauty world and reckoning with a mental health crisis, I questioned the current societal standards that make it nearly impossible for us to recognize and appreciate our inherent human value. This was an uncomfortable discovery, and it instilled a deep desire for change which led me to seek out vulnerable conversations about our personal relationships to mental health and self-worth.

I gathered each one of those stories, thoughts, and feelings and turned them into this company. My team and I believe that belonging is a necessary part of life, and despite our individual uniqueness, it’s our collective lived experience of learning to love ourselves that connects us.

meet the experts

robyn watkins,

robyn watkins, beauty expert

dr. jeshana johnson,

dr. jeshana johnson, phd

dr. byron young,

dr. byron young, md

dr. robert bianchini,

dr. robert bianchini, phd

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