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    The Slow Down

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    Introducing "The Slow Down" Habit Stacker—a gateway to infuse your slow and soft era into your annual hibernation rituals. Survive the cold, dry winter with a hoard of Corrective Experience Comfort Cream and Self Disclosure Intimacy. A morning and night ritual to bring a full body protective, moisturized barrier to your den of slumber to resist and withstand the effects of winter.

    After a long year’s worth of work and effort, we volunteer as tribute to enter stillness to conserve energy and slow down for a self-exploratory approach to self-care. A necessary time to tend to dehydrate, raw moisture barrier and a tired mind. Chafed and flakey from the winter elements like overly dry indoor heating and friction of daily stress. The Slow Down is our answer for moments alone when we’re starved for comfort and touch, whether in our bed (wink) or bathroom.

    Bonus points: Both products have been used by customers with eczema prone skin that rave about the product’s effectiveness on cracked, angry and inflamed skin.


    • Winner of 2023 Cosmopolitan Lube Awards
    • Intimacy serum for frictionless self-exploration
    • Packed with all-natural pain-relieving actives like copaiba balsam and arnica flower that support healthy neurotransmitter regulation and ease physical discomfort
    • Multi-purpose soothing power — great for chafing (thighs and nipples), dry cuticles and scalp, razor burn, and eczema prone skin.


    • Dermatologist recommended
    • Deep, lasting moisture powered by a dual-active extended release hyaluronic acid + niacinamide core, made of tiny 0.5 micron-sized particles for deeper penetration
    • Plant-derived Cortinhib GTM targets skin problems at the source by fighting stress-based cortisol damage to reduce redness, stinging, and moisture loss
    • Multi-tasking moisture for face and body — great for full-body slugging!